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My name is Ksenia. I’m from Russia. I like reading. At any given time, I am usually in the process of reading a book and listening to an audiobook. Being a foreigner, I began to read books in English in 2012. I mean really read and don't count that painful process, which I called reading with constant stops to check a word in the dictionary. So I haven’t read as many books as I want. And with the number of new releases every year it looks that I’ll stay deeply behind everyone forever. So you can say that I suffer from a case of reader’ greed, and my “to be read” shelf keeps going larger with every day.

I am hopeless romantic and I love to read romance in all its forms. Nowadays I read a mix of Adult, NA, and YA contemporary. I also love romantic suspense. Occasionally I read urban fantasy/paranormal romance and dystopian fiction, but I am more of a contemporary girl. Though I always happy to discover interesting books in other genres.

I have a passion for book reviewing. I write honest reviews and hope to help you pick up a good book. I also write reviews to help myself remember all the books that I’ve read.

English is not my first language (it’s Russian obviously). So, please excuse me for grammar mistakes in my reviews.

I rate books based on my own enjoyment of them. So I can give a classic novel two stars and a romantic comedy four stars. I rarely give a book five stars. If I do, it means this book was amazing and I absolutely loved it.

I found that my tastes in books changed seriously. Sometimes I stumble upon my 5 star rating and think that I wouldn’t give this book more than 2 stars now. What can I say? I used to read and like not very good books. As a rule I don’t change my rating unless I reread a book. So keep it in mind when you see my rating.

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