Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Should foreigners write reviews in English?

After some contemplation I finally decided to write this post, because this incident really bothers me.

A couple of weeks ago I received a comment where I was told that my English is awful and my reviews are full of mistakes, so why I even bother to post anything, nobody want to read my stuff. I’m sure many of you have your share of hateful comments and I usually ignore them. The thing is this comment really hit a nerve. You see, I’ve always been self-conscious about my English level. I am weary to make a mistake, misspell a word or use wrong tense. Actually this is the reason I’ve been a silent follower on GR and blogs for a long time. But lately I was relaxed, I found many fellow booklovers and was happy to chat with them and write my own reviews. While I know my English is not perfect I thought that it’s not that bad, that I can write a coherent review, which people can enjoy. So this comment made me upset, mostly because it was so unexpected and I wasn’t in my happy place anymore.

Those of you who follow me probably noticed that I wasn’t very active lately and didn’t post my reviews for a while. The reason is that I was somewhat depressed and wasn’t in the mood to do chat and review.

But you know what? I realized that I don’t want to let one hateful comment to rule my life. I love reading and writing reviews. I’ve met so many wonderful people who have the same passion. So I start reviewing again.

Why I wrote all this? I think I just wanted to let it all go, and it seems like a good way to do it. Also I want to open a discussion. DO REVIEWS WITH GRAMMAR MISTAKES AND MISSPELLINGS BOTHER YOU?

PS. I also want to say big THANK YOU to Rachel from The Readers Den, because you accepted my friend request when I had about five friends and a dozen reviews and actually began chatting with me, read my reviews and left comments. You were a big support for me. After that it was not so scary to send friend requests and comment. Now it seems funny, but then I found many reviewers very intimidating (I’m looking at you, Feifei).


  1. OH NO KSENIA!!!! I'm so sorry someone left you a comment like that, I think your English is AMAZING. Pretty much better than mine and English if my first language ;-) I can't even utter two words in another language so I think anyone who speaks (or in this case, writes) in multiple languages is extraordinary. And my reviews are chock full of grammar errors because I'm miserable at grammar and have no idea when I should use things like a semicolon. Fail.

    Keep up the awesome reviews:) *massive hugs* Can't wait to see what you think of A Court of Thorns and Roses!

  2. WOW, THAT PERSON WAS A DOUCHE! Heed him no mind, Ksenia, because your English is fine just the way it is. Everyone makes grammar mistakes (I do, still!) and I never really mind it because the most important is that you get your message across. Isn't that the most important when we are communicating? Just continue doing what you do, dear, and leave the trolls under the bridges where they can rot. You're awesome and you should continue doing what you love!!! I'm supporting you!!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  3. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I've been on the internet a lot lately preparing for my vacation. I'm in San
    Francisco right now and heading up to Sonoma, California in a couple of days.

    Thank you for the mention, Ksenia! I think it's amazing that you can even post a review in a language other than your native tongue. I only know English and so I'm very impressed at your skills! Please do not let that negative and very inappropriate comment get you down. That is just horrible they would even come on your blog space and write something so rude. If that person doesn't like your reviews they don't have to visit or read them. I have no trouble understanding your reviews and find them insightful and helpful in my selection of books, and we seem to have similar reading tastes. Keep up the great work! :)

  4. Thank you so much for you wonderful and kind words, everyone. It means a lot to me to have friends here.

    Rachel, have an amazing vacation!

  5. That is just horrible, Ksenia. Sorry about your awful experience with someone who can't say nice things to people. :( Please ignore that person, and don't let them stop you from doing the things you love. <3 I think your reviews are wonderful!

    If you've ever been blog hopping and you stumble into Nocturnal Book Reviews' blog, you'll see that Karina is a Russian living with her husband in Portugal. She does her reviews in both English and Russian. Check her out if you haven't been to her blog. :)

    1. Thank you for support, Joy! I left this accident behind and plan to review many wonderful books. I haven't met Russian bloggers reviewing in English yet. I'll check out Nocturnal Book Reviews.

  6. Ksenia, English is hard and I think it's so admirable that you choose to write your reviews in English. I know there are a few blogs that publish their reviews in their native language and in English--which is a LOT of work!--but your English is fantastic and you absolutely do NOT need to change anything about your reviews. I'm so sorry you received such a hateful comment but I'm so glad you haven't let it get you down and are still active in the blogosphere. Keep up the amazing work and I'm so proud of all you've accomplished! :)